iRobot Roomba 630’s, They’re Uncomplicated

Because Roomba made the idea of robot vacuums popular I thought it only fitting that a comparison be done between the models. If you are like me, you find a brand and just don’t want to discuss anything else.

Roomba is especially interesting as they own the patent for the technology used which cover the virtual wall which stops the machine from going into areas you don’t want it to and Scooba function which adds detergents and mops the floor. They have previously filed successful injunctions against competitors and are continuing to do so.

Currently there are 6 Roomba’s in the range and 3 of them include an app. Two of them are mopping units. Older models are still widely available. The difference between older and newer editions can usually be attributed to bug fixes but mostly there is no discernible change to see for the average user.

The Roomba range can garner savings for those with memberships with Amazon Prime.

The newest kid on the block is the Roomba 637. It is the only one in the series that does not include an app in the 600 series and is the cheapest in the range.

The 600 series replaced the 500 series roughly 5 years ago but also marked some noteworthy improvements. They included a received a small splash of color, improved brushes for cleaning and when first released had ‘AeroVac Technology’ so it vacuumed better.

It’s not until you reach the 650 models and above that the bells and whistles get applied.
What can’t the 637 do?

  • It can’t be scheduled.
  • It has no wi-fi connectivity.
  • It has no app to control it.
  • It has no remote control.

Looking online and seeing that the 637 as newly released on the bottom end of the Roomba range, I had to physically call a stocklist to know what got altered. The earlier model is the 630.

What’s changed?

  • The Lithium ion battery will last longer in this model.
  • The release price on the iRobot website for the 637 shows it with a lower price tag than its predecessor.
  • There is a dual-mode virtual wall instead of the single.

If you are someone who doesn’t need programming or prefer the simple things in life and aren’t someone who makes friends with technology very easily, then I can see the appeal of this uncomplicated 630’s spectrum.